Baldy Communications Building

The WRARC is dedicated to using Amateur Radio to strengthen emergency communications in central Idaho as well as just having fun with our hobby.
All visitors to Sun Valley are inviited to use our repeater system and the open auto-patch system. Welcome aboard!
We encourage all Hams to monitor our repeaters while using the back country. We have coverage over most of the SNRA and actively monitor the repeaters for back country emergencies. The Blaine County Emergency Dispatch reconizes our auto-patch phone number and are prepared to respond to back country 911 calls that originate from out auto-patch. Ham radio is the only form of communications in much of the SNRA so active moitoring when your in the backcountry is greatly appreciated.

Learn more about how Amateur radio can help out in an emergency:

Board of Directors:

Joe Yelda, WX7XX

Bill Marshall, WM2P

Keith Sivertson, KD7BBI

Reid Black, KF7CQI

Gary Gadwa, W7FSI

Todd Mandeville, KR6EK

Nils Ribi, W7NAR

Ben Varner, KF7TEX

Photos Courtesy of Nils Ribi.  NilsRibiPhotography.com