Welcome to the Wood River Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Antenna

Baldy Repeater Antenna

The WRARC is dedicated to using Amateur Radio to strengthen emergency communications in central Idaho as well as just having fun with our hobby.

All visitors to Sun Valley are inviited to use our repeater system and the open auto-patch system. Welcome aboard!

We encourage all Hams to monitor and use our repeaters while using the back country. We have coverage over most of the SNRA and actively monitor the repeaters for back country emergencies. The Blaine County Emergency Dispatch reconizes our auto-patch phone number and are prepared to respond to back country 911 calls that originate from our auto-patch. Ham radio is the only form of communications in much of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Visit here often for club news and updates.

Baldy 147.18 MHz +600 KHz PL(CTCSS) 100
Sawtooth 147.14 MHz +600 KHz PL(CTCSS) 100


Annual Fundraising Event

Events | Posted by Todd Mandeville
Nov 19 2013

Join Wood River Amateur Radio club for the Annual Fundraising event December 7th.

Location: Sweetwater in Hailey, ID

Invite all amateur radio operators in Southern Idaho and those that are interested in learning more about amateur radio.

Lots of prizes including a handheld radio.

Sun Valley Magazine: Hamming it up

Events | Posted by Todd Mandeville
Mar 10 2013

Sun Valley Magazine has a great article about Amateur Radio in the Wood River Valley.

Full article is located here:  http://www.sunvalleymag.com/Sun-Valley-Magazine/Winter-2013/Local-Buzz/index.php?cparticle=3&siarticle=2


The Resurgence of Amateur Radio

When we hear the term “ham radio,” most of us envision some old guy or maybe a young, Boy Scout-aged kid buried behind a wall of electronics in a basement or shed somewhere. But the times they are a-changin’ and that’s great news for those of us who like to play and travel in remote stretches of rural Idaho.

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Mountain Express Amateur Radio Article

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Aug 27 2010

The Idaho Mountain Express did a nice article on Amateur Radio:  http://www.mtexpress.com/index2.php?ID=2005132892

Local ‘hams’ keep valley in touch

Amateur radio operators quietly provide key public service
Joe Yelda, of the Wood River Amateur Radio Club, talks on a hand-held radio in his car. Photo by David N. Seelig

Express Intern

Many people know that amateur radio operators like to chat. Few realize that the chatter can sometimes save lives.
The Wood River Amateur Radio Club, operational for the past 12 years, has helped spread the word about the power of amateur radio as both a hobby and public service. Involvement in amateur radio is becoming more popular—not to mention more accessible—in the Wood River Valley, as the grassroots group hosts training sessions and testing for those interested in getting licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Commonly referred to as “ham radio,” amateur radio boasts the ability of low-power wireless communications worldwide via high-frequency radio waves. For Wood River Valley residents and visitors, the benefits of ham radio are profound. Cellular coverage is spotty at best outside city limits, leaving many people partaking in backcountry recreation without immediate communication in an emergency.

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Autopatch up and running on Baldy Repeater.

Repeaters | Posted by Todd Mandeville
Mar 02 2009

To Access use 141 and then the local phone number.   Key in all the numbers in one string.  Do not wait till you hear the dial tone before you enter the phone number or it will timeout.

To drop the patch dial 140