Yaesu System Fusion II Repeaters

Use DGID 78 for both TX and RX

Wood River Amateur Radio Club usesYaesu System Fusion II DR-2X Repeaters.

These digital repeaters will support analog radios, but eventually they’ll be all digital. It is recommended to purchase Yaesu digital radios that are compatible:

FT-70DR (budget)
FT3DR (most features)

Mobile/Base Station Radios:
FTM-3100R (budget) 2 meter only
FTM-400DR (most features)

Fusion Information

What is Yaesu System Fusion?

Yaesu’s Digital Product web site.

Yaesu’s Official YouTube Channel for System Fusion.

What is WIRES-X?

How this affects you

  • No immediate radio upgrade is required. You can continue to use your existing radios.
  • Upgrade to a System Fusion II radio is strongly recommended to take advantage of improved system performance and capabilities once the new repeaters are operational.
  • Study the technology. There is a lot to it and what can be done with it for those who take the time to understand it and utilize it to its full potential.
  • Remember your amateur radio license is more than a license to operate, it is a license to learn.